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11.10.18, 3:32

sooo this weekend was sooo much fun in the beginning. was with my sis and we went to an old friend and it was really really fun! Sloppy J called me but I told him that I was going to L's place a little part of me was sad about it but I really wanted to meet okc soooo we go he sees me I like his energy and we kept on drinking. Somebody apologized to me that I never knew would happen and I was grateful. After that it was a turn up talked to a dj about how good he is and told sloppy j that we were going to the club after. We ended up at the club and he was there with all his friends. It was really fun dancing n drinking and I was wearing my heels so I had to sit down. Of course he was doing his own thing but towards the end of the night he asked if i was going to his place after and because my car was at L's places I told him I was gonna go there for the night then he started asking everyone else if they wanted to go to his place and they all turned it down. We ended up going back to L's place and just drinking and talking till the morning it was really fun and chill and slowly ppl starting leaving. My friend S was calling to make sure we were going to my other friends place n i'm not gonna lie I was kinda lazy/comfortable to leave we left pretty late. And ended up at my friends place it was fun and decent then Sloppy J n his friends showed up and he was happy to see us not so sure about me I know he was happy to see my sis! We were just going around and drinking n chillin' I wasn't that drunk yet so I was kinda just chillin'. After a while S wanted to go to the hotel and we all went Sloppy wanted to go with us but was frustrated at his friends because they needed to dress up again. Later we told him that he can meet us downtown. In downtown that's when everything turned into shit. We went to several places because some boujee ass girls kept hopping from one place to another. We finally got there and I was like i'm tired and I hated the bar but I tried to keep my composure. Later Sloppy J came with his friends we started dancing n drinking and spotted someone and just went in for the kill I was wondering woow! I"m right here and you are just flirting with some other chick. I was PISSED I left went to the same club we went to the day b4 and I wasn't up to it. Next day we drank and had fun then went to my friends for dinner. It was fun saw some ppl I hadn't seen in a min. Then of course boujee girls came and we talked about what happened that night and nothing really got accomplished. After that Sloppy J came and all of a sudden ppl got quiet. he walked in and my sis just started going off. Sloppy J and I eventually talked about that night and I felt like he wanted to tell me something but he didn't he just looked at me. I think he was sad that he treated me that way because I think he thought i COULD handle it I"m soooo sick and tired of it! he made a little joke but I could tell he just wanted me to himself and wanted to go back home. We ended up going to his place and I knew there was nothing to salvage from this. He didn't want to apologize and yet there was something about him that seemed like he wasn't sorry because he wants to do what he wants to do. He tried to cuddle me the next morning was sooo confused if he wanted to fuk me but he didn't try and I didn't know what to do. Anywayz I left we are gonna be friends but not as close as we once were I know him now. He always wanted me but never thought he could have me but he knows that I would never leave him. Then after he noticed I liked someone that he probably didn't like he then went in for the kill I took it because I always wanted it and well I was curious. We fuked a couple of times and then it just turned to shit. Trust me don't fuk your platonic friends usually it doesn't end well especially if you are the one who had the feelings all along.

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