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20.03.23, 9:16

sooo yesterday was really interesting. I had woken up and we just chilled but I decided to push myself and do some work for Monday morning after that I felt like I was prepared and tried to do my herbalism hw but I just couldn't get myself to read the chapters. Slept for a little bit and then my sis & I were so bored and were thinking of just ordering in. All of a sudden my cousin decided to msg us about going to a new resturant that just opened. It was funny because I had called my mom about my current situation of being single, childless and no takers. My dad screamed in the background , "JUST HAVE THE BABIES FORGET ABOUT THESE MODERN MEN" I about dropped I can't believe he just wants me to go out there and screw to just have children. I wish he had told me this earlier that wouldve been easy LOL. Well I told my sister and now we have a game plan of just to have babies and we will take care of ourselves & childresn. Anywho my cousin asked if we wanted to go the new resturant and we agreed. I'm not gonna lie I was super excited to just go somewhere different then our neighborhood. Well we went I had mentioned to my sis & cousin that I believe I knew one of the partners but I left it at that. We came across this old warehouse and I saw the resturant name I was in shock from outside it looked like a dump. But when we walked in I was in shock it was a little setup , it was rough around the edges but had lots of potential. We walked in and had no idea where to sit & get food we ended up finding the bar section & sat there. We sat......& waited......then decided this service is taking too long. I decided to walk around a little bit and see the rest of the resturant. I took a look in the kitchen and saw a guy in there. I tried to pace back & forth so that way he knew we were waiting. Then eventually he saw me then I took my seat. He welcomed us & told us about the buffet and that he would cook some stuff for us. We sat down and waited for him to get some food cooked. It was really basic but everything was pretty good. Its also very new so it was BYOB luckily my sister had bought some wine b4 we went so the wine was great addition to the food. He kept giving us more food & more food & more food. It was all pretty good and the fish is the best I have had here so far. After eating, he told us his story about opening the resturant and the journey it took to build it from scratch. I felt so bad for him and his decline of his truck business. But as a sapiosexual, it was sooo attractive to me I really started to like him the more he talked about his life. But something else started to settle in me instead. It was the fact that I was still thinking about my guy from the past and how he's suffering in his business. I can't keep feeling sorry for guys I need to be taken care of & supported. Anywayz we left & went to another club that i wasn't so happy but but overall it was a good night. But ended up waking up to late at work but oh well we will try another social even again.

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