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10.03.23, 5:12

OMG! It's been a minute since I wrote in here well long story short. Still in TX, Single and wondering if I want to stay here. I was telling myself that if I get middle age and I have no prospects I would want to move to NYC and just be myself. It looks like that it's getting to the point that this may become a reality and for some odd reason I don't feel about that but I'm more nervous about still being my true, authentic self. Tommorow I'm going to a hosts bday party & mingling. I have some thigh strain tyring to excercise last week so I can't wear heels and it not as perfect as I wanted but I still want to go out & have fun. Kinda excited with no expectations tommorow. Right now my cousin is coming over to drop off something and I'm not sure what exactly LOL. We don't have food or drinks so I hope he is not expecting anything. My sister currently is no longer with the rapper from KE and I'm sooo thrilled I didn't want her to get sucked up in that nonsense. My last FWB tried to call me since he is back in the country and I'm really over it ......i feel lonley....but I'm not wanting to go back to that. Being with him made me even lonelier than being by myself. Super excited for next week as well because we are going to see Moulin Rouge which is one of my favorite musicals. I'm not gonna lie I have mixed feelings about going to a show because of my childhood dream of becoming a performer. I acutally hope I don't tear up in front of my sister because of seeing people doing thier dream that I so wanted to be long ago. Its really werid but as I'm writing this I feel like he's going to be here soon .....the one. It's werid he's definetly not going to be what I thought I would go with but I do believe it will be a feeling and I will be okay with it . Anywho thanks for listening .

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